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Aunt Susie's Training Part 6
It was now 5 weeks since my cock enlargement surgery and Aunt Susie had been a dear helping me recuperate. We didn't engage in any sexual activity for fear that I would get hard and slow down recuperation. We would still sleep together and spoon at night while we slept as my new 40DD tits were n... Read full Story
First Time Fully Dressed
There was always something about female underwear that fascinated me, and nylon especially. I couldn’t resist from touching the synthetic fibre, and feeling that electric twinge of excitement, causing my young cock to stir. My mother had very little in the way of attractive underwear; mostly beige b... Read full Story
Natacha's dungeon,
Natacha's dungeon, For a long time, I have loved wearing lingerie because it always gives me so much excitement to contemplate myself as a woman in front of my mirror. I learned a long time ago to memorize feminine gestures and attitudes while perched on my pumps. I also know how to put on ma... Read full Story
Bimbo Bombshell - Chapters 1-2-3
Bimbo Bombshell - Chapter One: Singled Out! Even though it was Friday, the bar wasn't particularly crowded that night. I never knew what hit me. This Gorgeous Blonde bombshell, starts flirting with me right a my table. I found myself wondering why this glamorous beauty, had chosen me. I was... Read full Story
My first experience...
I was invited to an MLM presentation...I wore lacy underwear, pink panties, black stockings and a long sleeve bodysuit. On top I wore the usual, jeans and a long-sleeved top. When I introduced myself to the host, a gentleman around 55-60 years old, the sleeve of my top slipped up and my lacy bodys... Read full Story
The first requirement of a deal with Dominatrix Persephone.e
There was a number of requirements before I even consider'd fucking that sissy ass, firstly, I expected dedication to be shown and to prove that the sissy could obey my orders, after a trial period, then I consider to force my big dick down the throat of the that sissy, and then fuck brutally and ex... Read full Story
My girlish désires,
I am happy to spend my weekend at home to live my life as a woman. I apply a depilatory cream to my body, which I leave to act for a few minutes before going in the shower. I take this opportunity to do an enema to avoid unpleasant surprises during my girl games. Then, using a razor, I track the ... Read full Story
Liberty meeting , Chapter2
When she strums again on her keyboard, I feel that it sinks imperceptibly but inexorably into me. - Relax my darling, Mirella told me, masturbating me with an expert hand. At the start, I have rather pleasant sensations. Being completely submissive to this machine without being able to stop... Read full Story
Liberty meeting, chapter1
On a beautiful summer day, my phone rings. It's Steve, the boss of a transvestite company who calls me. - Hello Sandra, I have four new friends waiting for you at the club. - Thanks for thinking of me, I'll be right there, I said, hanging up. I am happy with his call because I always meet ... Read full Story
How I became addicted to my toys
How I became addicted to my toys I tell in this story my experiences by showing how I developed my share of femininity and the toys that I use in bed to amplify my pleasures alone or as a couple. For several years now I have discreetly rented a second garage near my home to store my wigs, dresse... Read full Story