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How I became a white BBC craving sissy(A cuckold story)
I was a normal, less than social high schooler not too many years ago. I had girlfriends growing up and but one that I absolutely adored when I was 18 years old. We met at school, she was also 18. She was 5'4 with a heavier build but not fat. She had beautiful seductive eyes,long strawberry blonde h... Read full Story
A Series of Perverse Dreams, Part 1
My relationship with Hannah had always been mutual in the idea that neither one of us was ever truly the dominant one. It was an equal, balanced relationship of mutual fucking and sucking. However, I had REALLY enjoyed being made into a submissive sissy slut by Nikki. Something changed in me after o... Read full Story
Nikki's Massive Strap-on
A quick recap in case you haven't read my previous stories. My name is Kacey. I'm 20 years old, white, 5'10" and 150 lbs. I have straight, shoulder length dark brown hair, light brown eyes and a thick, 6" cut cock. My girlfriend is Hannah, who also 20 years old and stands 5'10" weighing in at 140 lb... Read full Story
The Big Tiddy Goth Girl
Hannah and I went to the pool in my apartment complex. This was my first time dressed as female in public and I was loving my new, feminine tan lines. To keep a long story short, while tanning we were perv'd on and approached by a guy calling himself Mark. He was desperate for our attention and fumb... Read full Story
Toes and feet
Ever since I can remember I’ve been attracted to feet. Pretty feet with pedicures and nice nails on the toes. Not those ugly ones with fungus and dry cracked hooves that some girls love to show off. Those need to be hidden from society. I love toes with details where you can see the tiny toe and... Read full Story
Fucked by Dany Suad and sucked her off
I'm just back from Glasgow and finally had the chance to make an appointment with Dany Suad. I always found her wide hips, voluptuous thighs, her hot ass in combination with the strong cock extremely attractive. Her face is also very pretty. I booked an hour with a cumshot. She was wearing sexy unde... Read full Story
Paying my saviour
It was my first job after college when Corona stike. I lost job after a month due to lockdown. I had no money nor a shelter. An old man who was my senoir at office caught me crying and offered me his place to stay till lockdown is over n get another job. He was a nice old guy whose wife had died a f... Read full Story
Uncle sweet Lover
Uncle Barney called me this morning and wanted me to keep my evening free. He wanted to meet me at the motel with a surprise for me. I was so excited and could hardly wait. I had to decide on something to wear, but when I thought about it, I realized that I wanted to wear something special. He would... Read full Story
How I became a slut
Hi friends, I was always fascinated with girls' dresses n makeup.After I got job I spent most of my salary on buying online lingeries n dresses.once in instagram I found an invite to a Male to Female meet at Banglore,I thought it as a great opportunity to live my dream as clothed as female publicl... Read full Story
My cross dressing journey
I am a man who likes to cross dress, currently single and living alone in Beijing. I like to dress up as a woman and go out, passing through every street, entering nearby shopping malls and supermarkets, as well as the women's restroom inside, and live streaming on a live streaming platform. I also ... Read full Story